Fig 2020


Enjoy all these visitor services available to ensure a great experience for you and your family.

Locate different zones and services at the FIG.

Official Store

Buy your official FIG souvenirs at any of our 3 Official Stores: FIG Launch Field (2) and ExpoFIG (1).

FIG Launch Field

Hot Air Balloon activities area. Check out our Official Event Program and discover all the action going on here.

FIG Main Stage

Main Stage featuring world-class concerts and other activities throughout the day. Check out our Official Event Program for more information.


Shopping area and Food Court where you will find a large selection of food and drinks, as well as an Official FIG Store and vendor booths.


Alternative Stage for local and national artists located in ExpoFIG.

Access and Box Office

Pedestrian Access

The FIG also features these extra visitor services



Civil protection.

Red Cross.

Check in

Hospitality / Media Center

Official Store.


Shopping area.

Food and beverages.


• Keep warm, though average days at this time of the year are usually warm in León, mornings can be cool.

• Wear comfortable clothes and shoes.

• You can buy your tickets (starting in September) in and in October on any OXXO store in León. Both options will sure save you some time since you won’t have to make any lines at the venue.

• Bring your camera and save the best memories of an unforgettable event.


• Smoking is prohibited within the Launch Field

• Pay attention to all traffic sings inside the Venue

• Help us to take care of our hot air balloons by not stepping on their envelopes and letting the crews perform all their tasks, they will indicate the security measures.

Taking care
of the environment

• Avoid throwing away lit matches, cigarette butts or glass objects in the park.

• Help us keep the park clean by disposing your waste in the right bins.

• If you use plastic bottles, crush them before disposing.

• Always make sure you bring along plastic or paper bags to dispose your waste. Remember that we’re all responsable for a clean environment.

Take advantage of our services

• Food and Drinks available at ExpoFIG.

• Souvenirs available exclusively at FIG Official Stores, located at the Launch Field and ExpoFIG.

Plan in advance

• If you attend with family or friends, we recommend you to set meeting points, in order to avoid losing one of your companions.

• Avoid traffic. Take precautions with the times and locate the parking entrances.

• Locate all different Parque Metropolitano entrances and find the best one for you. Avoid traffic, parking lots will be available at the Venue.

• *The parking lots are not owned nor operated by the FIG, we are not responsible for any mishaps related to vehicles or belongings.

• Carpooling is always a great idea!

• Check out our full Event Schedule and plan your visit in advance!


• Bring your own tent.

• Access with alcoholic beverages and illegal substances is strictly forbidden.

• Be sure to bring plastic bags for proper waste disposal.


Check out our FAQ section.