The Official Venue of the FIG is the Metropolitano Park in León, México.

Visiting Hours

The FIG visiting hours start from 5:00am to 9:00pm

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What time do the Take Off and Night Glow start?

Balloon Inflation and Take Off start daily at 6:30am. Night Glows (Friday to Sunday only) start at 6:00pm

We Recommend:

Get there in advance, you will get better spots and get the best views.

If I leave the venue, can I come back with the same ticket?

All Tickets are one access only, If you should leave the venue, a new ticket will be necessary to re-enter the Park.

Are pets allowed into the Park?

By regulation of the Metropolitano Park, no pets are allowed.

Are alcoholic beverages allowed into the Park?

By regulation of the Metropolitano Park no alcoholic beverages or liquor are allowed.

Is there a limited capacity in the venue?

Don’t worry, there’s plenty of room inside the Metropolitano Park.

What to do if I lose an item?

Reach a Staff member for assistance, we will gladly help you find your lost items.

What to do if somebody gets lost?

Reach the Civil Protection Booth for assistance, it’s located behind the FIG Main Stage at the Launch Field.

We Recommend:

Plan in advance with your family what to do if somebody gets lost, a meeting point is always a great option.

Why could morning flights and night glows be cancelled?

All Balloon activities are subject to weather conditions. If these conditions don’t meet the safety requirements, all activities will be suspended.

What other activities will be available?

Besides the Balloon Inflation and Take Off in the morning and Night Glows, the FIG has hundreds of hours of different family activities and sideshows all day!

What is Night Glow?

An incredible show featuring Balloons on the ground operating their burners to the rhythm of lights and music. You can’t miss it!

Remember all Balloon activities are subject to weather conditions.

Will Balloon rides be available?

No balloon rides will be available to visitors.

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Can you camp in the Park?

Camping requires a special personal pass. Camping Passes and Access Tickets are sold exclusively at Superboletos.

Check out our Visitor Tips and get the best of the FIG20

What do I need for Camping at the FIG?

How much is a ticket to the FIG19?

Tickets are $100 MXN

What activities have an extra cost?

Your ticket grants you access to all activities and sideshows, including concerts with no extra cost.

Find out all the activities and sideshows the FIG has for you!

Is food allowed in the Park?

Yes, all kinds of food are allowed into the Park, please be sure to put your waste into the bins.
For your convenience, the FIG will feature a wide variety of Food and snacks in the ExpoFIG Food Court.

Locate the Food Court

Where can I buy an Official FIG souvenir?

The official FIG stores will be inside the Park, located at FIG Launch Field and Expo FIG.

¿What are Hot Air Balloons made of?

A hot air balloon consists of 2 parts: The envelope and the basket.

The envelope is the upper part of the balloon and is made of special nylon that, besides its lightness, it’s also very resistant to rips and high temperatures.

The basket is made of wicker and wood, which provide great strength and flexibility.

How does a hot air balloon work?

A hot air balloon operates with a propane burner that heats cold air inside the envelope, making it lighter than the air outside, allowing it to rise.

The only way to navigate a balloon is by following the different currents that are at different heights. Therefore, the elevation of the balloon is regulated by a parachute-shaped vent located at the upper end of the envelope.

This ventilation is manipulated by a system of lines that go down to the basket; thus, when the pilot needs to descend, a special line is pulled, releasing the hot air slowly. When that line is released, the pressure of the hot air that is still inside the envelope pushes the ventilation to its original position. Once the balloon is on the ground, the pilot uses this same system to completely deflate it.