The Festival Internacional del Globo is an annual hot air balloon event taking place in León, México. It’s currently ranked among the 3 top Balloon events in the world.


We invite you to a journey through time and history of the FIG, remembering incredible experiences and great adventures. Thank you for being part of this exciting story!

2002 The beginning

December 1st, 2002 saw the birth of the FIG. With 25 hot air balloons from Mexico and around the world, and over 30,000 spectators, the FIG painted the sky of León for the first time.


Following the success of its first edition, the 2003 FIG featured 40 hot air balloons


“Sky will never be the same” , was the slogan for the 2006 edition of the FIG. Taking place from the 30th of November, to the 3rd of December, the FIG gathered over 80 hot air balloons, featuring Bobby Pulido in the very first massive show of the event.


The FIG joined the Independence Bicentennial and the Centennial of the Revolution celebrations, featuring 200 balloons for the first time: 200 Years, 200 balloons.


Bobby Bradley, world’s youngest hot air balloon (then) pilot rode his custom balloon for the first time at the 2011 FIG


Once again, Jonathan Trappe made history at the FIG flying an entire house, Up style, using hundreds of helium filled balloons.


Only happens in Leon was the promotional slogan for the 2014 FIG, meaning this world class event is one of a kind in México and the World.

2014 saw the first flight of the FIG Official Balloon.

A world Guinness Record, once held by China, was broken at the FIG with over 4,334 simultaneous Mentos geysers.


The FIG makes an alliance with the USA Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta and the Lorraine Mondial Air Ballons, in France.

For the first time, the FIG Official Balloon leaves Mexico touring the top 2 Balloon Events in the world, captivating thousands of spectators.

· National Lottery issued 3 million and 200 thousand FIG special edition tickets.


One of the main performers in our 207 Event Schedule was Steve Aoki, an American DJ who gathered over 125,000 spectators, holding the record of the biggest crowd at the FIG.

The magic of the FIG is immortalized on oil paintings made by the Belarusian artist Leonid Afremov. His paintings were used as the 2017 FIG official image: This is Art!


A very special guest, Zephyr, by Tomorrowland, leaves Europe to attend a Balloon Festival for the first time, and visits the FIG.

The FIG becomes the first massive event in México getting a virtual visit through Google Street View

The FIG becomes the first massive event in México getting a virtual visit through Google Street View


Mickey Mouse Balloon, the happiest balloon on earth returned to the FIG, bringing back all the magic of Disneyland Resorts and Parks.

Martin Garrix performed for +100k spectators in one of his most iconic shows ever.


Let’s keep making history together in the 2021 Festival Internacional del Globo!