Find out before anyone else the latest news and live the excitement of the 2021 FIG!


The International Balloon Festival, based in Leon, Guanajuato. Mexico, is one of the 3 main events Ballooning in the world. With over 200 balloons flying for 4 days full of color and amazing shows, concerts and hundreds of hours of activities for the whole family, the FIG is not only a unique event in Mexico, but also in Latin America. Surrounded by a spectacular natural environment within an ecological zone, FIG offers a unique sight that has been featured in millions of photographs around the world.
It all begins at dawn when 200 balloons  rise slowly as pilots and crews work tirelessly to prepare the aircraft for flight. Minutes later, the FIG Aerodrome becomes an enchanted forest full of giants dancing with the wind as they start to take off gradually to bring this dreamscape to heaven; simply amazing.
During the day, the program offers countless activities that the whole family can experience. A free outdoor concert, cultural shows, tour the EXPO FIG, shop and eat while enjoying nature that receives each year. In the evening at sunset, balloons return to the aerodrome to begin preparations, and once ready, they are tethered to the ground this time: The Magic is about to begin! Lights and music are ideal complement all balloons light their fires lakeshore to the rhythm of each and every note that makes us quiver and be joyful to be part of this amazing spectacle. Once giants have returned to sleep, the night is still shining with world-class concerts every night. Thousands of people live an endless party full of joy and excitement. The FIG is one of a kind and It's for you…You can't miss it!