How to get there

Coming from Mexico City

• Access through Aeropuerto Blvd.

  • • Once on the Juan Pablo II ring road, keep your right and take José María Morelos Blvd.
  • • Continue straight until reaching Metropolitano Park (Official Venue)

Coming from Guadalajara

• Enter Leon through Lagos de Moreno - Leon Highway

  • • Continue straight until reaching José María Morelos Blvd.
  • • Continue straight until reaching the Parque Metropolitano (Event official venue)

Coming from Aguascalientes

• On the Aguascalientes-Mexico highway, after the last booth and before entering the city, drive towards the exit to León to travel along Torres Landa Blvd.

  • • Take Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra Blvd. and continue straight until you reach Insurgentes Blvd.
  • • Make a left on the next traffic light, take the right to Alonso de Torres Blvd. right in front of Plaza Mayor Mall, take the roundabout on your left and continue on Manuel J. Clouther Blvd.
  • • Before reaching the Urban Toll Road, make a right to José María Morelos Blvd.
  • •Take the side road and follow the signs to merge onto Adolfo López Mateos Blvd. and reach the Metropolitano Park (Official Event Venue)

Public Transportation

To get to the Metropolitano Park, FIG’s official venue, you need to get to San Jerónimo Terminal through any of these (Articulated) Bus lines:

  • • Line 01
  • • Line 02
  • • Line 03

Once at San Jerónimo Terminal, you’ll be able to reach the venue’s south access taking one of these Bus Lines:

  • • A-56 North
  • • A-40
  • • A-68

Hop Off on José María Morelos Blvd. and Adolfo López Mateos Blvd. Main access is ahead.

If you prefer reaching the North Access, ride:

  • • BUS A-85 o BUS A-40, In both cases, you need to hop off on Amazonas Ave.

To reach the West Access, ride:

  • • Bus A-76 and hop off on Antiguo Camino a Comanja Blvd.

To get to the venue’s east acces, you need to take:

  • • Bus A-40 and hop off on Paseo de la Presa St. and Sábila St.
  • • Take Bus A-69 and hop off on Río de los Castillos St. and Sábila St.

If San Jerónimo terminal is too far, you can get to the San Juan Bosco terminal and take the next route:

  • • Take Bus X-13 and hop off on José María Morelos Blvd. and Adolfo López Mateos Blvd. to reach Parque Metropolitano’s Southern Access.